Thursday, February 21, 2008

Live, Laugh, Love, Pray...

Sisters Heart to Heart

From the time that we were little,
I knew you’d always be
Not just a loving sister
But a caring friend to me.

A shoulder I could cry on,
A helping hand in times of need,
A cheerleader to lift me up,
My angel in both word and deed.

We told each other secrets;
We giggled and we cried.
We shared our joys and sorrows--
We were always side by side.

We have a very special bond;
I knew it from the start.
You’ll have my love forever--
We’re sisters, heart to heart.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

I'm not a creative writer, but when I found this poem, I knew it was written for my twin sister and I. We have always shared more than just a womb, we share a unique bond that most siblings will never understand. Sometimes life throws you curveballs that you wish you could throw right back. I wish what I were feeling right now was just a dream, however, it's LIFE. There are never enough answers to LIFE's questions and how they have affected my family this week. My identical twin sister has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that may have gone unoticed for several years. She only started having symptoms a few weeks ago and the tumor is taking up residence in 1/4 of her brain. My twinkie is the hardest working person I know and also the strongest! I know she will make it thru this! If God is have ALOT of explaining to do mister! I will be flying down to GA to be with my family and sister for her surgery next week. Please keep us in your thoughts...

FYI-no furter card/gift orders will be accepted at this time and I have contacted those of you who have pending inquiries. I know you will understand...


Michelle said...

Praying for you and your *twinkie*. Wishing you a safe journey and the strength to carry you through this tough time..

Casey said...

I'm so sorry about your sister, I'll keep you guys in my thoughts :)

Dawn Knapp said...

Oh my gosh Dawn. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and you family! I am so sad for you! I will think happy thoughts!

Michelle said...

I am sorry to hear about your "twinkie". I am sending hugz & prayers your way.

Lisa said...

Hey Love,
You know I'm praying for your sissy and your family! If you ever need an ear, call me...anytime!

Joan B said...

I am so sorry. However, I have 2 friends who went through this and are now fine, so keep hope alive!!!!! ((hugs))