Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket...See My Little Basket?

Don't adjust your screens, yes I have made this one before, but I added a chocolate box to this nifty little purse basket. This was a fundraiser item for Relay for Life for another team member. We decided to leave a little room on the left for a mystery gift card! These notepads have been a hit and I'm thrilled all the money is going to a wonderful cause. It's always fun to dress up the chocolate nugget boxes! I started keeping the chocolates in bulk so they are always on hand for quick gifts. My hubby asked me the other day, "hey honey, did you know there is a TON of chocolate candies in the pantry?" Yes dear, they WILL be used, plus they were on sale so I loaded up! I used SU! paper for the box and my PTI polka dot basic set as well as their monogrammed alphabet. There is a purse (if the donations are bulky, it becomes a auction each month at the Team Captains meetings and it's up to me to fill the goody bags. The catch for the bidders is that they have no idea what the contents are!!!! The last few auctions have sold for 250.00! I used my Cricut to cut out the "hope" and added some stickles. The shamrock is just a foam shape I picked up at Micheal's. Mmmmm, more chocolate! Remember, I loaded up?!!! I needed a way to attach that beautiful bracelet, so I used some curly ribbon and tied it around a bottle of apple cider! It was so pretty that I didn't want it to slip inside the basket, never to be found again.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! It's supposed to be near 70 here!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Simple Thank-you's and MORE Chocolate boxes...

This is an order I put together for a local realtor. I tried to keep the design fairly simple because of the time line and quantity. Of course, you know when your using your nesty dies and wizard die cutting machine, these are cranked my hand so it can be time consuming, but the end result is so nice...that's why I keep relenting and keep using them! The colors I used were SU! Pixie Pink, Green Galore, & Real Red. I printed the name of each recipient on the card per request.I can't remember which stamp sets I used from PTI, however, it was two different sets and look how well these little stars fit together?? This totally was not intentional, but I tried and went with it!
And here is ALL 50 boxes!!!! Yes, I scored and folded all 50 of these by hand....hence my last post on the swollen Once I have all my orders together, I package them with clear envies (purchased thru which makes it easier in transport. This was a local delivery, but I didn't want anything getting pulled off by stacking them too close together. Clearbags has several (maybe several hundred!!!) different sizes to choose from. The bags I used here were actually cut in half so I had double the supplies:)

It's yucky weather here in NC today. Hoping for the sun to poke thru at some point! I'm off to finish up some design team projects for Glue-Art & Paper Studio....can we say wood and Amy Butler Fabric??????!!!!! YUM-O!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Well rested and Peaceful...

It's about time I update the ol' blog eh? I missed blogging, but have been busy for all the right reasons! Sooo, I will update this post with whats been going on...mostly crafting related as I have been creating my little fingers to the bone. I had to take a break because I was waking up with my fingers swollen and tingling! EEEEK! Back in February I decided to host a craft day for my girlfriends and my sister was able to join us! Unfortunately, she was busy chasing a sick baby while we were crafting so I missed her in the pics, but I do have some work of hers to share! I kept the invite simple and printed them straight from the pc. The flower is punched with my Martha Stewart flower punch. I added some leaves and a button to the top. All in favor of the Target $ Spot???!! I picked up these pink pails for some door prizes as well as used a couple of them for Gracie's teacher's for Valentine's Day. Inside the pails is a cellophane bag that I filled with chocolates, tied with ribbon, and then added the tag. These are my new Verve Stamps I played with...they are a little addicting I might add. I love to double layer look here with the flowers...this set comes with some fun butterflies as well! The butterflies were used on another project I will share in the next week or so!
Close up! I decided the tag looked a little "too plain" so I sewed the trim around the edge! Looks a little vintage, right? Or at least that's the "look" I was going for! Here are the gals! That's me in the back with the green shirt on! We did two projects: mailboxes & stationary sets! I made sure all the pieces were cut ahead of time and put all the supplies in the lunch sacks. This saved a lot of time and allowed me to help out with the stamping. Acrylic stamps can be quite intimidating for first-timers. Here is a mailbox my sister, Christie, did! At the workshop we had left the front lid plain, but I think she did a wonderful job adding the quote on front.February also made room for the birthday girl! My oldest Gracie, turned 5 on the 18th. This was not only a big deal for her, but for my Hubby and I as well. This is the first birthday for both of my children that was celebrated in OUR home. In all the years past, we have been in V.A. or G.A. to ring in their birthdays.
Addison, Gracie, and Aidan (my Nephew...look at those yummy cheeks!!!)
My attempts at a "princess" cake! In my case I call it my "terrifically-tacky" attempt, but at 5 it meant the world to Grace, and that's all that mattered to me!
I saved the BEST for last, not for the situtation, but for the person! My last post left off with news no one in my family was prepared for. My Grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer in early February and passed away March 7th. It has been incredibly hard for everyone in the family, but with each passing day, we know he is in a better place. He meant the world to us all and I'm grateful for the times we did get to spend together. Even at the age of 92, he was still very sharp and witty. He was a gentle giant with a heart of gold and will be greatly missed! We Love You!