Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm finally back home from GA(and VA!!) and its definitely on a GREAT note! Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts, emails, and twin sister is doing incredibly well after her surgery on February 26! Her whole tumor was removed and is can't get any better than that!!! It was also wonderful to be with my family and to all be there in support for my sister and her family. My sister has got to be the hippest bald chic in town...or at least I think so:) My beautiful twinkie...only about 5 days this incredible or what???!!!!
Sis and brother-in-law
Me, Mom & Nephew Aidan, Christie, & older sister Jillybean...
Definitely a sign of adrenline...I don't think I'd slept in a week when this pic was taken...totally appropriate

I'm only home for a day before we go off to our family vacation which has been in the works for a few months and then I will be back to regular craft posts on Monday. I've been dying to share my new cupcake stand I did for Glue-Art and Paper Studio


Michelle said...

Glad to hear it.. have fun..


Amy said...

Yeah!!!! So happy for you and YOUR SIS!!!! You both have been in my constant thoughts and prayers and I was so happy to see this post! Amy

Dawn Knapp said...

Yay!!!! So glad your sister is doing well. I was getting a little worried. Good news...finally!!

Melanie said...

Wonderful to see the pics of your healthy sister and you! God Bless