Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun, Fall Tags...

This should be last of the craft items to share..."promise". Because the craft show was right before Thanksgiving, I thought I'd make up a few Fall-ish items. I dug out my First Fruit set and got carried away! These tags were a big hit along with the close pins. Luckily I had a few left over and used them for packaging bananna bread and gave some as elf gifts this year. You could easily turn the close pins into magnets...I actually covered both sides of the pins in this festive and sparkly orange paper. As you can see, I used all available display space and up top on the peg board is where I squeezed my pins on. I tried my best to keep like items together and since this was all the Fall stuff I had, it fit perfectly! These pins have got me thinking of so many fun ideas...Valentine pins, Easter pins, etc....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Simple Holiday/Everyday Cards...

Happy Sunday Ya'll! It's getting rather nippy here in Eastern, NC. I'm ready for the snow to come, unfortunately we usually only get a nice dusting. The fire is going and we are staying in for the day!

I thought I'd share some simple cards I made a while back. These cards are a total CASE from THIS card I did earlier this year. A Little Argyle is versatile in so many ways. I originally bought this set for male cards, but I find myself using it other ways. This set can be used for as fun spin on holiday cards or for everyday cards.Stay warm!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Odds And Ends I've Forgotten to Share...

These were some special request projects I worked on a few weeks back and I'm just now getting around to sharing. I often take the pics, edit, save to a folder and forget about them. After getting all caught up in the craft show stuff, some things had fallen by the wayside....sooo, since I'm overdue with new pics, you get 3 fun projects to check out today!!! First up are some cancer survivor cards made with Papertrey Ink's Anniversary Set...2nd or 3rd year? I made my own patterned paper with pink polka dots, then added the bird scene over it. The "square-ish" shape is from my nesty dies and for a little added texture I used versamark with my wood grain stamp.
Ice cream and sweets overload! Love the old fashioned ice cream cup complete with shine and oozing marshmallow topping.You can "almost" taste it right?This notebook was hard to photograph, but looks just lovely in person! Without intending, the design looks like a quilt with all those dots. The patterned paper is Graphic 45...they have such a fun and vintage look to their papers.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sometimes It Just Feels Good to PURGE...your spaces!

ETA: I'm adding a few links for the storage units....cause you know your going to make a trip to your nearest IKEA....TODAY;)





I could not find links for my COPIC storage, but you can find those utensil boxes in the kitchen section, and the ribbon storage box is also in the kitchen can interchange the wooden boxes for glass jars (for storing dry noodles etc.).

Calling all IKEA LOVERS! I finally had some downtime and my upstairs master was screaming for a re-do/purge/declutter/INTERVENTION! Remember when I shared this post (moons ago) about my "little niche in the corner?" That "little corner" was back in Brooklyn, NY and once we moved to our new home in NC, the space nearly tripled and so did my crafting supplies! More space=more junk=more headaches! I'm a firm believer in "less is more" and so the last 4 days I've be tackling this space, and that space just to the left...the DREADED TOY CORNER! While I was visiting my sister and family in GA last week, we made a visit to the IKEA in Atlanta. What's that you say? You've never been to an IKEA before?!!! Follow along my dear! I figured I start with the lesser of 2 evils, and purged in my space first! Isn't Addison just precious? She's supposed to be cleaning her toys?!Directly behind the couch is an old sofa table...which may not be a BIG deal yet, but I plan on organzing all my ribbon soon and this table will be for my girls, who are 6 and 4. They have the crafting bug as well and need a space of their own. Stored underneath the table are my fruit stands and banner from the recent craft show. Following the bend to the right is my spinner rack and shelves with all the primas I HAD TO HAVE, but don't really use much! Adding that to my New Year's resolution....USE WHAT YOU HAVE! The "nerve center"...she will not stay this clean for long! That pretty bag and loot is from trip to Archiver's in Buford, GA as well as Hobby Lobby...I could stay there ALL DAY! There was 4 of us at Hobby Lobby and I even conned Dad into using a 40% coupon for one of my new paper packs...REAL MEN by pretty paper ;) Below my desk: to the left of my work chair are 6 plastic drawers which store tools, adhesives, chalk inks, and embossing supplies. The 2 binders you see leaning against the unit house my card sketches, patterns, and address labels for stamping. On the right you will see another plastic unit that houses SU! ink pads, stickles, soldering tools, and packaging supplies. If you go further to the right where the paint can is, that's where I put all my alterable items.Snazzy peg board! Regular ped board from Lowe's (smallest size they carry) that I mod podged with fabric. It's nice to have my everyday supplies close at hand. All the rods (for punches) and bakets (extra punches and buttons) are from IKEA. Some of these storage items I've had forever, but the COPIC marker boxes are new. Each box has 2 compartments and I found these in the kitchen untensil area of IKEA. Directly below the COPIC makers is my ribbon storage box. The box is full of ribbon that comes on the smaller spools and they are wrapped around 4x6 cardboard pieces and stored by color families. My redneck mug is full of caffiene for this chica! More wonderful storage from IKEA! I have 3 of these units for holding my stamp collections. Most are Papepertrey ink sets, but for those that aren't, they too go into clear cd cases and get labeled. There is no subliminal message in that preggo card...I just held on it because it was the first card I ever created! I call it my "terrifically tacky" phase.
The loose stamps that do not come in CD cases are soon to be getting new homes! I've ordered some more cases from PTI so I don't have to keep putting these back in! They love to slip out all the time! Always keep baby wipes on hand. When I'm stamping, I perfer to stamp, wipe, and more piles of stamps that need to be rinsed. There is a big bay window that separates the last photo from this one. I do love that there is plenty of light coming in this space. I find it hard to stamp in the evening with dimmed lighting. These would be my paper towers! There is also other supplies here: clearbags, small alterables like post-its and notebooks, and chipboard. The paper I've got on top was recently used and is just waiting for me to put it back! Heavy equipment table...makes me sound tough right?! Behind my cuttlebug are baskets, 1 for cuttlebug folders and dies, the other is for my PTI dies and nesty dies. Below the table is where all this madness started...SCRAPBOOKING supplies! I have not scrapped in over 5 years or so...maybe a page or two, but I'm not really dedicated like I should be! I hope soon that will all change. In my 2 drawer filing cabinet is where I store all my SU! 8.5x11 cardstock. Both drawers are plum full and I keep them well stocked. I've tried other brands, but SU! by far is my I have some of the matching ink pads so no need to switch brands.

************DANGER ZONE!!!*************

I know none of your children play like mine...50 toys at once?! I'm laughing as I type this because I'm just now noticing the nekked patch kid in the get my point exactly!

That Addison is STILL sitting, chilling, waiting for "someone" to miraculously clean up! I wonder if she noticed that BIG, BLUE, IKEA bag in the chair? It's not full of "new" stuff anymore ;).A godsend! I took a pic because I knew someone would ask the name and I would not remember.
>Awwwww, sigh, relief....BREATHE! We purchased 2 of these units and they are pretty cool because of the combinations in how to display them. The white units can go on top of each other like puzzle up and not out if you are limited on space. I liked them side by side and there is still plenty of room for the bins to be pulled out and played with. Each bin will soon be getting a label, hopefully making clean up time a breeze. Happy organizing my friends ;)