Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Stamping Space Day #3

I'm always looking for new storage solutions and since I like to keep things clean and simple, this Creative Memories Binder stores all my FAVORITES! The inserts come in several different sizes...quarters, long sticker strips, wide 2 pocket pages etc. I originally did store all my stickers in here, but have since taken them out.
I just happen to have some spare sheets of strong, pliable plastic sheeting that I cut down to size and store my unmounted stamps on. This shot is of my Bella stamps and you can get about 4-5 per plastic sheeting, depending on size and shape. I copied and shrunk the original tags on one page and just simply put it inside of the pocket flap so all my stamps are easy to find.
For clear unmounted stamps, I keep them on the original sheeting they come on and just slide them into the pockets.
Look what else I can get in here??? I love the fact that my Nestibility dies are thin enough that I can get several sets in one pocket. I wasn't able to fit my next photo on this post, but the next page stores my large Cuttlebug folders and you can get 2 per pocket.

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