Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Stamping Space Day #2...

Another great find from IKEA. Mom bought this for me over Christmas break...I loved it so much, I went and got an additonal rod and more baskets! These rods are very versatile and you can put whatever type basket on them that you like. I especially love the fact that all my tools are in "hands" reach. I put all the tools in there that I use for every project and its just super handy:) They are very sturdy and the bottom of the bucket rests against the wall. Just to be safe, you can put a little rubber dot on the back so it doesn't rub too much on the wall surface. The best part of this storage unit is that my tools are up & off my desk allowing for more room to create.
These are the additional baskets I bought along with a new rod. I just switched them out so you can see your Because I live in BRAND SPANKIN' new military housing, I really didn't want to put any more holes in the wall! I will certainly be putting them up at my new house in June though:) Great spot for your water bottle spills on your precious

These plastic containers are the "heart" of my storage space. I put EVERYTHING in these that I will eventually use-12x12 patterned paper, chipboard, paper alterables, stickles, chalk ink, SU! ink pads, large punches, prismacolor pencils, makers, and large spools of ribbon. I purchased all these at Target when they were on sale. On a good sale day, a 3 drawer set is only 7.99! The red basket on the upper left drawers, is my basket for special card requests and gifts I make for friends and family. I don't keep very many cards on hand, so when I get a special order/request they are made in about a week, depending on how intricate the design might be. On the upper right hand drawers, I keep my Cuttlebug and Wizard Die Cutting Machines. Both of these machines are pretty heavy, but the plastic shelving seems to be holding up well!
I am not one to be too oganized, but I think since I've cleaned/de-cluttered everything, I've become a little OCD! Yes, these are see-thru containers, but I also like using my label maker...especially on the lower drawers where I might not be able to see the contents too well. In between these two units you will see a grey contraption sticking out in the middle. That is where I store my new Scor-Pal...she fits nicely and is out of the way when I'm not using her:) Whew! Thats a long post! I will share my FAVORITE storage idea tomorrow:)


Casey said...

I absolutely love those baskets! I heart your organization

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Lisa said...

I'm always so envious of you! Your work and organization...I have an idea, I'll fly you out and you can stay with me, all you have to do is organize my space! Oh, Oh, Oh...I'll fly you to my retreat in exchange, you can just use my tools so you don't have to lug so much on the plane, whatta ya say, deal???? Miss ya!