Monday, February 18, 2008

My Stamping Space...

I like to keep things simple and organzied, so a corner in my dining room suites me just fine. Plus if I had my own room, I'd be buying many more supplies than I'd know what to do
Just about all my organizational tools and storage are from IKEA, because I love their quality and affordability. As you can see my Prima's and Buttons are stored in glass cylinders so I can "see" what I have. I just purchased these a few weeks ago and its made wonders on putting my flowers and buttons to use. Afterall, if you can't see it, than you don't use it!
My dandy ribbon storage! I had originally bought this for some other use, but discovered when I cut down my chipboard, that it would be perfect for my ribbon! The box on the far left stores my scrap ribbon and the remaining boxes store the rest and the ribbon is sorted by color families.
If you store your ribbon like this, be sure you use heavy weight chipboard to prevent it from "dipping" in the middle when wrapping your ribbon. To keep the ribbon from unraveling I just use a small straight pin and push it thru 2-3 layers of the ribbon. I haven't had any issues with a pin mark being left behind on the ribbon when I'm ready to use. Now, I do have large spools of my May Arts ribbon, however with their large yardage quantity they are stored in my rolling cart. Any ribbon 5 yards and under is stored in this wooden box.
I will show more storage and organzing tips thru-out the week! My favorite is how I store my clear/unmounted stamps and nestibility dies(all in ONE book!!!).


flipfloppingmamma said...

Wow! I'm very impressed! I won't be showing you my whole crafting room. It's a disaster!!!

15minL8 said...

You craft room is set up a lot like mine! I had too much ribbon to put on cards though, so I came up with hanging ribbon rings. All of my ribbon hangs on the wall in front of me. If you want to see a picture, so to and click on the product page. The pic is of my workspace! If you want a sample tag to try out, email me from my website!

casey said...

I love your craft table! very organized, I just have a little corner for myself too, in my bedroom though :) plus it's not as pretty looking as yours