Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day & V-Day...

ETA: Be sure to scroll to the bottom for today's craft post:)

Sorry I missed my post on Monday...we were a little busy:) The kids are home from school for two days and from the looks of it, they aren't complaining! odd sight on the coast of North Carolina. And yes, we do it in STYLE...check out the boogie board sled! Squeeze me tight Mommy!
My oldest, Grace, in all her glory!
Little pumpkin Addison! How do you lounge in the snow?

Can you see just beyond the trash can?? See that dude outside with a jogging stroller and a dog chasing him down? Yes, that is my nut of a husband. While the rest of us intelligent folks would be inside sipping hot cocoa HE would rather be running in it!

This is the first year for my daughter to really get all excited about Valentine's Day. Grace was more than thrilled to help me out on this project! We decided on the Kim Hughes-Little Boy set. I like these particular images because you can color them for boys and girls...regardless of the stamp set I had to laugh once I was all done and ready for her to write her name on the front (the classmates names are on the back). You see the frog one? Well in my world the sideways sentiment looks perfectly fine, but not to a kid! She began writing her name and got the first 2 letters when she paused and said, "Wait Mommy, you have the ribbon the wrong way, I NEED to fix it!" Mind you, she is only 4 year's old, but she has inherited my anal-retentive side just a tad!
The thing I love most about mass-producing for the kids, is that I try to use a lot of different colors and products. It's a great way to spread your supplies without having to run out of that really expensive patterned paper you've been hoarding. I know for the most part these cards will find their way to the trash (GASP!!) so it's a good time to use all of those scraps and buttons you have lying around!


Kimberly said...

those are very cute! I think I might need those stamps!!!

You should come up my way-we have several FEET of snow!! :)

Anonymous said...

I wanna be in Gracie's class.

love you,
Aunt TT

Smriti said...

THAT is a lot of snow - have fun!

The cards are very pretty - love the bright colors!