Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Behind the Seam's--Altering Notebooks...

A super fast and easy way to turn an ordinary notebook into something fantabulous! You can do this with any size notebook, but for this particular project I really like to use these Evidence notebooks that I purchased at Staples. When I purchased these in NY they were called Reporter's Notebooks...essentially the same thing! Let's get started. 1. Supplies-Notebooks, Crop-a-dile, Sticky Tape, and Locking Hemostat Pliers(you can use needle-nose pliers as well).
2. Starting on the right side of the notebook, use the pliers to twist and untangle the spiral.
3. Repeat with the left side.
4. Now, while still on the left side of the spiral, make sure you bend the spiral loop to the back. This is going to be important when your unwinding the spiral out so you don't fray any of the papers with the sharp edge.
5. Turn the spiral until its completely out. Notice how the right side is NOT bent back as on the left side? This is not needed because the right side will not be going all the way back thru the punched holes.
6. Once you've taken out the spiral, apply your sticky tape. I add a full strip of tape to the top and use a razor blade to trim off the excess. Use the other half you trim off for your next notebook:)
7. Turn the sticky side down on cs and trim.
8. Here is where you get PERFECT holes every time. Use your Crop-a-dile upside down here. This will allow you to see where exactly your punching your holes.
9. See how nice and clean they are??!!! At this point you could put the front cover and spiral notebook back together. If you want to add an elaborate design or sew, I would refrain from putting the notebook back together until you've added all your embellishments.
10. Once you have your completed front, put all layers together and begin turning the spiral back into place.
11. Close and secure the ends

11. Don't forget the left side now:)
12. Now your COMPLETE! See, easy as pie right? I learned this by trial and error and each time I make a notebook now, I go thru the same motions, over and over again!
Soooooo, you wanna see the completed notebook???!!!! Well, you'll have to tune in Friday when I will share the notebook AND the coordinating card. Until then, I will keep you in suspense! Reminds me of a beach towel. What do you think?


Tom said...

I LOVE IT............I showed it to Tom and guess who is going to do it??? That's right....TOM! Thank you so much for showing us this!!!!! BIG HUGS,Elizabeth

Smriti said...

This is awesome! I always thought that to cover spiral notebooks perfectly I NEED to have the spiral punch but I'm glad to know that my crop-a-dile is all I need. TFS!!