Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Relay 4 Life & Funny Feedback...

Last night was my FIRST official Team Captains Meeting for Relay 4 Life. I have been to a few of the smaller meetings, but there is something about the larger teams that gets you motivated to make a difference! It was also the first time I was able to turn in my fundraising money!! My initial goal was to reach $100.00 by April, but after turning in $70.00 last night, I'm pretty sure I can AT LEAST triple my goal. I sold a few things from my Relay Basket last night so my envelope is started for next month's team meeting. None of this would be possible if it weren't for my generous friends and family helping me out and I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to the following who purchased the HOPE notebooks and made cash donations:

1. Christie-$30
2. Elizabeth-$20
3. Luminaria Donations: $20.00-in memory of Jake Edds & his Wife Jessica(caregiver)

These are the donations that go in next months fundraising efforts:

1. Libby-$10
2. Amanda-$10

I'm still working of the rest of the orders for the HOPE notebooks. The turn-around has been pretty quick and so far everyone has said they purchased these to give to someone in need. I think that's a wonderful gift for those who need a little extra support or just to let them know you care:)

If you'd like to see more of what we're doing for Relay 4 Life in Onslow County you can see it HERE!

I volunteered to organize the silent purse auctions and this is the little number I made real quick yesterday. Individuals were able to bid on the purse without knowing what was inside. No, it wasn't the kraft The winning bid took home this sweet little purse and the contents which included: a HOPE notebook, Victoria Secret Card, and a 3 night stay at an ocean front condo in Kure Beach...pretty sweet deal eh??!! That means all the other auctions need to be just as good OR better with the

Annnnd, a couple more purse calendars I made with my Cricut Expression. I told you it was addicting! I think my favorite right now is to monogram everything in I played around with the polka dots(SU! small circle punch) and the scalloped frames(marvy punch). I didn't add the bow on the blue one since the scalloped square was larger and I thought it might look funny being at the tippy top. The scalloped edge was made with my Fiskar's Water Threading Punch and the tiny holes allow just enough room to squeeze in the adhesive rhinestones. Thanks Elizabeth!
OK, so if your still with me here, I thought I'd fit-in a little afterthought on the comments I receive...because some of you are quite comical and I get a good chuckle out of you:)
Santa brought me one too!! I was very excited about it. Can't wait to see what you whip up with yours....then I'll copy it. heehee!---Flipfloppinmama
ME: "then I'll copy it." ONLY if you send me some really COOL flip flops ummmmmmmm k?

Dawney, you are the best sister!!! Telling all these strangers to pray for us is so sweet. Ok, so they're not strangers to you, but still. I wanna check out that machine when we come to visit. Looks like it might make some projects a lil easier and quicker? Thanks for adding the link to our support group, it's been great for myself and many others. I love you!Te
ME: "Dawney"--great now all my "stranger friends" know my

These projects are very pretty. I got my pendants from the Etsy store today. I also got a little enclosed note that if I blog about them, I will get a free pendant and necklace ball chain. You know I'll be telling the world! I truly do love what I ordered--Judy in Indiana
ME: HERE ya go Judy! These really are fun!!! I ordered 3 and received a free Marine Wife pendant:) I didn't ask for an extra one...she must know how many hours we wives slave away at cleaning jet fuel out of cammies. Here is the link for Home Studio on

What is SU!?-
ME: in MY world it means STAY UP waaaaaay too late getting projects finished! In this case it refers to the company Stampin' Up!

I wish I had your daughters in class! These are the cutest teacher gifts I've seen in a long time - lots better than the usual hot cocoa mix in a cup!

ME: Seeeeeee, I KNEW it! There is more in your closet than the overabundance of apples eh?? I'm thinking some of you teachers ought to get together and open a Starbucks/Bakery?? You can call it the "Takery"....LOL!

Whew! That is a very looong post! I'm glad I could inspire a few of you! I have no qualms about my crafts being cased. Seriously, I don't have enough time in the day to "google" pieces of paper. Have fun! Keep the laughs coming:))



Flipfloppingmamma said...

Do I have to MAKE said flipflops??

You are too funny!!!

Tom said...

I LOVE my pendants also! Iam so glad I told you about them! Did you also get your free necklace?
Iam telling EVERYONE to post a link on their blog.....the owners are SO kind and shipping is FAST!

Brooke said...

Hey Dawn!

I'm going to contribute to your Relay for Life fund...I'll put a check in the mail this week! You sure do have alot on your plate. How about heading out to AZ to see me, your NOT that busy!! :) Tell the girls we said hi!

Miss U!

Dawn said...

Well OF COURSE the flip-flops have to be would sort of defeat the purpose....riiiiight? :P

Dawn said...

Elizabeth, I did received my free necklace and pendant! I love them! I gave the extra Marine Wife to my neighbor...cause you know my WHOLE street is full of