Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shopping cart covers...

And what new Mommy wouldn't want one these beauties?? My dear and lovely friend Brooke makes these terrific shopping cart covers to rid your wee ones of nawing on the shopping cart handles! These are also great for using at restaurants in those "grubby-fingered" highchairs. I received one of Brooke's original designs as a gift for my second baby and it still holds up after many, many passes in the washing machine. Thats right...made "Mom-friendly" by a Mom! They also come with their own saftey belt so you don't have to use the broken/missing belt on the carts/ highchairs and also have a nice stretchy waistband so they fight close. When not in use you can simply roll up inside the bag and the saftey belt doubles as a shoulder strap. These truely are better than store bought(had one, hated it!) and made with love! If you are interested please contact Brooke @ She already has several made up and ready for immediate shipping...$45.00 AND free shipping!!

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