Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"tech" support

Ok gals, since I'm officially a dork when it comes to PC stuff, I'm in need of some help again. I have had several emails about "subscriber" questions. I myself am subscribed to a few blogs and simply had to put in my email address and according the emails I have rec'vd this option is not available on my blog. I personally don't care if someone subscribes or not(not keeping points, but would like to have the option available for those who have asked. Sooo, how does this option become avail. on my blog??? Do I have to insert a link somewhere?? And good lord, don't braise me...but still working on the linking It took alot of courage to set up this blog all on my own, and shoot, I only had to "plug" stuff in....LOL!! Ok, you gals are great, I know you will come thru for me:)))


Cindy Lou Who said...

Dawn, go to
Sign up, it walks you thru it step by step. It is free too! If you need ANY help call me!

itchsix said...

Did you ever get the subscription thing going? I would love to subscribe. If I don't subscribe it seems to slip my mind. If you haven't gotten to it I sure hope you do so - and will let me knowoooooo (I believe you have access to the addresses).
I love your work!