Sunday, May 6, 2007


Isn't she puuuurty??!!! I'm so thrilled with the wonderful work that Dawn Knapp did with my requests on this beautiful banner! I had a few things I really wanted to see on it: green color(for the "jade" of course, soft yellows(my fav color), and tulips(my fav flower). This is the final product and I'm so excited to share it! Her prices are VERY reasonable(the cheapest I've seen!) and she is a sweet delight to work with:) So why you still here?? Go check out her website!...teehee!

ps!! If anyone would be so kind as to tell me how to insert the link on my posts that would be great! I've tried to play with it tonight, but its not working for me:(


Joan said...

I love your banner. It is striking and different.

You should be able to insert a link by clicking on the little chain link thing and putting in the website. Make sure you don't have http in there twice! Hope this helps.

Cindy Lou Who said...

Love the Banner! It is PURDY!!

This is done by typing the text, then copy and paste the address from the address bar on the internet for that link. Then you highlight the original text, then click the hyperlink button (the one with the chain link) in your email/blog and paste the link into the window that pops up...Make Sense? Let me know if you need more help =)