Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pre-K Graduation Certificates...

ETA: stamp set can be found at Michael' was on an end cap when I first walked in the store...I think for most stores, it will be in the NEW product section!

This school year has really ZIPPED by! Tomorrow is Gracie's last day of Pre-K and it's going to be a day filled with fun and moving on to the next step...Kindergarten! My Daughter is very ready for Kindergarten, Mommy on the other hand, is NOT! Its been exciting to see all the changes in her educational development and to watch her grow in to a mature little lady! Since Pre-K doesn't have a "real" graduation, her teacher had asked if there was something I could make for the kids, sort of like a certificate, that could be a nice little send off for their last day. I had just purchased this Me & My Big Ideas stick figure stamp set and I found it to be very fitting for the occasion. These stamps are fairly large (FUN!) at approx. 4-5 inches! The set also came with 3-D outfits, shoes, and accessories so you can dress them up! I didn't have enough outfits for the quantity of cards I needed, so they got "copic" dresses and I cut my white cs to 5x7, outer cs is cut 1/4 in larger for a border. On the white cs I measured 1 inch all the way around (the line black line) so I would have a nice border and line guide for the abc/123 stamps (SU!). The flower stamp comes with the M&MBI stamp set. The first and last (blurred out on the bottom) names were stamped with my Karen Foster Snap Stamps.
It was fun making sure each card is going to mean something special to the children. I even made sure to color just the right skin tone! I've been asked a lot if Gracie is Hispanic since she has rather dark skin tone for being half Caucasian and Chinese, but I assure you she has been blessed with her darker tone from her Daddy. My youngest is 2.5 and is pretty light like her Mommy, but she tells everyone she is ONLY Chinese! My sister-in-law is always teasing me that the next child will be totally


Isabel Z said...

I love love love your blog and check it every day in hopes that you have posted something new. Your artistic style has such a flair and I am so inspired by what you create. The children are going to love what you have made for them as will the parents--what a nice memento to treasure. As soon as I saw this stamp set I goodled it and have been unable to find it online. I even searched on with no luck. Any idea on where it might be found? Thank you.

Isabel Z said...

Me again:-) I must have typed something wrong. I tried again and found the stamp set at Ignore the last part of my comment seeking the stamp set. Thank you.

Dawn said...

Isabel, you beat me to it! I totally forgot to say that I purchased the set at Micheal's! Thank you for your kind words as well, my crafting is a passion for me!