Friday, May 29, 2009

"Behind the Seams"--New Find!

I'm so thrilled to share a fun "new find" that has been in the works for some time, but because they were for my Sister's birthdays, I had to hold off! Well, no more holding back! In seeking out a special gift this year I really wanted something that was practical and of course something they didn't already own. One of my favorite websites,, is ALWAYS my first stop when looking for something homemade and one of a kind! I did a search under "self inking address stamps" and came across Stamp Out Online. I worked with Stamp Out owner, Lisa (who is very nice and professional I might add!), to come up with a fun design. Once I came up with a design, Lisa sent a proof for approval and I had my stamps in just a few days!
I love the whole shape of this self-inking stamp. It's not like the usual ones I've seen and also has a protective lid so even if your little one wants to press down, it will not stamp on the inside of the lid!!! I tried it out on a few envies just to see how it stamped...PERFECT! Be sure to use the little grips on the side, it helps ensure a nice and even pressure distribution. (the pics are blurry on purpose, as much as my Sister's would love to get mail from some super hot celebrity, they certainly aren't looking for stalker!) After I ordered the address stamps, I was thinking about getting a little something for myself...luckily Lisa was thinking along the same lines! She made me a small stamp with my website address so I could use it on the back of all my projects. I chose to go with a rubber stamp on wood block since I needed the option to use white (for dark paper) and black inks. The image really comes out nice and crisp and I barely had to press down on the cs when using Stazon ink (cause we all know how "sticky" it can be!).You know me, I can't just send the stamp...they needed to be "dressed-up" too! I made an address tag to attach with ribbon and cellophane.
Here is the back of the birthday cards with my new stamp! Something sweet, cute, and fun!OH sooooo pretty! I wanted a simple look, but something that POPPED as well. I started with the shimmer PTI cs then decided I might as well use my Dew Drop shimmer inks as well! That cupcake looks scrumptious!

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