Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glue-Art & Paper Studio Week...project #2

I've had my Dress Form completed since I first started with Glue-Art & Paper Studio almost 2 years ago! Surely doesn't seem like its been that long! The Dress Form has held up very nicely since then, even thru my military move (you know how wonderfully gentle they are on our things!) in which I decided it would be much smarter to hand carry all my creations. I put them all in a Rubbermaid container and it stayed with me for a few months until we closed on our house! Even the girls Birthday Cupcake Stand looks as though I created it yesterday. There are other ways in which this shadow box can be used. My girls first reaction was to turn the box on its back and it made an instant cradle for their small dolls. Pretty clever eh? Also when turned on its back, it would display nicely on your workspace as a ribbon holder for your large spools! Versatile products for sure, just use your imagination ladies! I wanted to keep my design fairly simple because I love the elegance of the red/black combo as well as the pattern in the paper. I started by painting the entire box in a matte black. The paper on the inside was added next, then I added the pearl feet. I found a strand of pearls in the necklace section at Wal-Mart. When I got home I discovered the pearls were too round to support the bottom of my box so a quick solution was to use a file and make a straight-edge for them to "sit" on the box. I used E6000 glue to adhere the pearls...make sure you leave the pearls to dry for awhile...nothing worse then trying to move the box around before the glue has set!
Simple satin ribbon and bow on top!
"D" is for Dawn:) I was rummaging thru my stock of chipboard and found this italic design which I thought went well! The chipboard was left naked (no painting or adding paper over it!) so I just added a generous amount of X-mas Red Stickles over the top.

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