Sunday, May 17, 2009

Glue-Art & Paper Studio Week...project #3

A little number I'm saving for our 10 year anniversary next year! Yeah, its a bit "early" for this gift, but hey, for once in my life, I will be on time and won't be rushing for a thoughtful gift for my hubby. I figured this Luv-O-Dex Kit would be a great way for us to remember (if we can!!) all the fun times we've shared over the years! The Luv-O-Dex Kit comes with just about everything you see here, but I did use my own chipboard letters. You will have more than enough supplies to complete this great gift for your loved one! I could have gone "over-the-top" with embellishments here, however, this will be going on my beside table eventually so I didn't want to over indulge. I started by painting the entire card file in a white matte acrylic paint. Once the paint was dry I used a little Mod Podge for the patterned paper. The "reminisce" is printed off my pc in CKBecky Font. I finally figured out how to save new fonts...YEAH ME! I have several I'd like to save from's for another time Your kit will include "love prompt" cards that are pre-printed and if you choose, you can stamp on them as well. This set includes 14 prompt cards. I separated the prompt cards with red and pink divider cards (also included in your kit). Lots of Stickles usage this week (ME LIKE A LOT!).I'm not all the fantastic playing with these slide embellishments. I literally stared at the wall for an hour figuring out how I was going to incorporate it in to my design. I'm happy how it all played out...the charms are also in the kit and you could even attach these with ribbon if you like. Since I knew I wasn't going to be hanging the designs with ribbon, I simply cut off the ribbon loops that were on top of the charms. And of course, never leave the last page blank!!!! This was a cute pre-stamped card in my kit and I wanted to be sure I saved it for LAST! This gift will truly be cherished for the both of us. I think I can still keep it a surprise until next's a safe bet that my hubby will never stumble on to my blog...and eh, if he does, that would be a pleasant surprise! I LOVE YOU!

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Michelle said...

That's cute Dawn.. I'm sure Chan will LOVE it..