Sunday, June 17, 2007


Whew!!! The long drive is over and we made it to GA in one piece!!!! As the the only driver, 2 kids, and the dog, I never lost my sanity. I have to say this was the best drive I've done with the kiddos. It was a little tough managing the stops with the dog and having to leave her in the car, but we only made short ones so she wasn't in the heat too long. Sorry I wasn't able to post...did bring the laptop, but the hotel didn't have free access...rats! I just wanted to share my good news with you all...well, its pretty exciting to me When you have a chance, swing by Cindy Brockes blog by clicking on the "My Inky Fingers" webpage under "blogs I stalk"(on the right hand corner of my blog). and you can see the project I did as her "Featured Artist" this month!

Awww, now I'm off to rest my aching feet...

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Lisa said...

SO glad you made it safe and SANE! lol! LOVED your tea tray!!!!