Saturday, June 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to US!!!

Ok, this post is only a day late as I didn't have any internet service yesterday! My birthday was actually yesterday, but I also share it with my identical twin sister, Christie! I'm on the upper left and she is on the bottom! Our older sister, Jill, also celebrated her birthday last week so I figured I'd honor all 3 of us! This has be be one of my all time favorite pictures of was taken at Christie's Wedding:) I spent the day with my husband and girls and thats all I needed for my birthday to be special:)


Dawn Knapp said...

Wow, you two are really identical! Hope you had a very happy birthday!!! =)

Melissa said...

Happy belated birthday! What a gorgeous picture of you three!

Ila said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Wonderful Photo! It was my twin daughters birthday June 3rd. They aren't identical but sometimes it seems so odd that every set of twins so far that I have met have been Geminis...TFS