Monday, September 6, 2010

Because She Deserves MORE Than Apples...

Well, happy to report, Earl spared us with just a little rain and subtle winds. I guess after Katrina, the weather folks like to over estimate their forecasts...that way if my patio furniture did drift off they can say, "told you so!"

Anyhoo, on to this sweet notebook I made for Gracie's teacher. Because I hope to get ahead of the game this year, all my gifts and things for Gracie's school will be done AND ready BEFORE I actually NEED them ;). I'm classic for waiting until last minute and it drives me crazy! This notebook is being stashed for Christmas! Woot woot! I haven't used this Me and My BIG Ideas stamp since THIS project. Along with dusting off my stamp set, I also brought out a new (to me) paper pack. You will see a few projects this week with the Flower Shower Spring Stack (DCWV) which contains many glitter pages that are super sparkly!I decided on the last time I used this stamp it wasn't jazzy enough on the background and I had envisioned using a soft cloud and grassy design. To create the clouds, I cut them out with Eclipse Tape from my PTI cloud die. The Eclipse Tape is much like a post-it sheet, but the entire sheet is sticky allowing great, sealed coverage when using your Copic marker airbrush system. Once I placed the large clouds, I went back and tape down some smaller clouds, which created a nice layered image. The grass is also the same technique, however I used the NEGATIVE image of my grass die (MFT) and drew the sidewalk on by hand.Lots of stitching! It really ties the whole design sewing machine is a workhorse!


Diane Jaquay said...

What an adorable, and thoughtful, teacher's gift!

Michelle said...

Cute and adorable as usual! There are those AWESOME snap stamps again.. Man they sure need to bring those back! Although JustRite makes me less sad about not being able to find the snaps.. lol... We are not as fortunate with Hermine.. she is raining down cats and dogs here and the wind seems to have ripped shingles off our roof! There are two in our yard! It also took down a tree and it was only tropical storm forced winds.. YIKES!!!! Fingers crossed she gets outta here QUICK!