Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Mean The World To Me...

Several cards, same sketch, different color methods! I've been saving myself a lot of time and sanity by using the same stamp sets and doing up several cards at one time. Usually when I stamp, I drag out all my supplies to only make one card/'s really a waste of time and lots of unecessary clean up. I'm hoping I'm on a role with this as it's really helping me stock up and be prepared for my first craft show.Adding to my manly collection of cards, I decided to pull out Masculine Motifs. Since I'm lite on the embellishments here, I decided to add a burst of color with my Copic Airbrush System. I do love those cans of air, but they sure don't last long and they are not the cheapest supply to replenish! On the card above I only wanted one globe so that it allowed for more view of the airbrush sky.

On the card below, you can see I added 3 globes and some brown speckles on the bottom. Creating the darker foreground really helped "close-in" the entire design. There is a little over spray of my speckles, but I'm still learning how close/far to hold the air can from my paper.This was actually the first card I did of the three. The only difference on this card is that the overall air brushing is much lighter in color. I think I'm also addicted to the PTI-Woodgrain bg ...which works GREAT for neutral cards!

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Dawn Knapp said...

Hi Dawn! I haven't left a comment for you in a while but I check in with your blog often to see what you're up to. I love seeing what you come up with! I took about a year off from blogging, but I decided to come back. Visit me when you have a chance! =)