Friday, October 31, 2008

There is a 1st time for everything....

ETA: I forgot to add a quick note about the solder I is lead free:)

...and for me that means I've started YET ANOTHER HOBBY! I've been wanting to learn to solder for some time and have become especially inspired by Debbie Olson's designs. I really like how she attaches them to cards:) I'm not quite there just yet, as I wanted to start out with a few simple projects. If your're wanting to get started on a kit that offers all the supplies and then some, I'd recommend Simply Swank which I purchased thru Ellen Hutson. Also, if your a hands-on gal and you need live instruction you can purchase the instructional DVD to go along with it. I can say I'm officially hooked on soldering and can't wait to play some more. The whole process of learning and putting together my projects was fairly quick and simple. The part I struggled with most was soldering on the "jump rings". They are a little tricky, but with soldering its very forgiving and if you don't like it, you can just take your soldering gun and melt it off to start over. I made this princess ornament with an image that was already colored from a previous project. She is from the SU! Pretty Princess Set and I have used her ALOT! This project is done with the largest glass set that comes with the Simply Swank Set. There are 4 sets of glass to use for different size projects. I added a jump ring to the top and tied my ribbon thru it. I will add an ornament hook later...when its time to put on our tree. This is for my little girls this year:)
Annnnnnnnnd, since I rarely make projects for myself, I thought I'd try my spin at clip-art. The "queen" clip-art comes with your kit and I just added the monogrammed "d". There is actually 3 layers of cs on this project, just be careful you don't use super thick cardstock or it will be hard to sandwich the 2 pieces together when it comes time to add the foil tape!
I'll leave you with this fun post for the weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween:)


Tom said...

VERY GOOD JOB DAWN! I think it looks great!!
Computer is back home!!! Yeah! Hugs,Elizabeth

Hilva said...

Just want to make sure you solder in a well-ventilated area. Solder contains lead. You do beautiful work. 8:)