Friday, November 30, 2007


What a nice little break from blogging, which has given me plenty of time to stock up on blog postings:) I had a hard time picking a favorite today so I had Gracie pick one out! Funny how she picked out the "Cosmo" If the base of the card looks familiar, its back several posts with PTI strawberries on it! I had made up several of these months ago, with the intention of stocking up on thank-you cards, but never got around to it! I was thumbing thru all the pre-made cards I have folded and thought this went perfect with my bella. The set up is pretty simple, but it was a little difficult sewing around the edges this time. I made a little boo-boo in the upper left hand corner, but hey, it gives it "character" right?? Thats what I love about homemade cards...each is ONE of a kind:) I also thought the image looked a little plain, so I just traced it with my cool grey copic marker and it really makers her stand-out! I thought I'd try to get pretty close with the copic marker again, even after using Stazon ink(mind you the image was watercolored before I left and has been sitting for almost two weeks), and I still had no bleeding with the alcohol ink. Sooo, I'm assuming its just how it dries that prevents bleeding?? Copics are definitely a learning curve I'm not quite ready for as I'm only using my grey

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