Friday, November 9, 2007


I've been so excited to share this ALL week and I got the "green light!" I'm thrilled to be on my first ever Design Team and this group is filled with many talented women. You will soon be seeing some of my work featured at:

GLUE-Art & Paper Studio

Design Team: I don't have all their webpages, but can't wait to see their work!

Suzy Haghighi
Susan Liles
Becky Swaiden
Dawn Chau
Taylor VanBruggen
Kris Hankins

A little footnote on this new venture:) I started this blog not only as a creative outlet, but just a little place where I could showcase my work. I have been crafty since I was little(remember puffy paint?? and love to create new things. My family and close friends know how much I enjoy this and although it may sound corny, this truly is a dream come true for me:) Even after going to school and getting certified in something waaay off base from papercrafting, this truly is my passion and I love to share it! I also just wanted to add in a Thank You to a fellow blogger with FANTABULOUS work, Sharon Harnist, she is an incredible artist and was gracious enough to put up a PUB call on her blog! You've got to see her work!These are some fun notebooks I did on request for holiday Teacher Gifts. These notebooks can be purchased at any office supply store and are really easy to alter. Just uncoil, add paper, embellishments, wrap, and you have a nice gift to give. I made about a dozen of these and put them together in an assembly line. This is much easier than putting each one together individually, which really helps out when you have to start and stop:) They are pretty straight forward on design, I just added a little sewing for a more depth. Last of the Bella Week! I made two separate cards because I made a mistake on this one! Can ya find it?!!! Well, its on the bottom...see those silly "ticket" punch corners?? I thought I had my "corner" rounder in hand and went to town! So you can't just have one corner and try to fix it, so I just did up all of I was about to start over and do a new card, but I like my "imperfections" just the way they are:)
This was the original Bella card I started off with, but I thought the off white watercoloring paper looked funny with the BRIGHT white of the card base. And then it looked like it was missing some ribbon(hence the previous photo), so I made up the two cards and I like the variations!

WHEW!!! This is the longest post EVER!!! I just had lots to share and I usually do my projects a few weeks ahead and then have it planned out when I want to thats why alot is crammed into today! If you've read this far...your money is on its


Susan Liles susiestampalot said...

woOHOooO!!! 'nuff said.

Suzy said...


Can't wait to meet everyone :)

Dawn Knapp said...

Awww...congrats totally deserve it!

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StamperSharon said...

Congratulations, Dawn -- you deserve it, your work is beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do!