Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's HOOTIE Time!

ETA: Here is a fun question from Rachel...have you ever tried to make these into penguins?

Rachel, thank you for your comment and question! I have to say, I've never tried a penguin but not you've got my head spinning. I imagine if I were to try it, I'd simply change out the brown cs for black, do the bright eye background in bright orange and the rest of the eye would stay the same...voila, you've got yourself a penguin! I'm wondering though, do you think the penguin would be ok with the flower in the corner too? I'm certainly going to try this now ;)

I think I'm really starting to love 'themed' weekly posts. Having themes certainly has made it easier to blog, plus it gives me the opportunity to create oodles of fun projects while having out one stamp set or a few punches. Today I'm sharing some chocolate owl goodies that I used for a recent SU! class I hosted here at the house. This is a super easy and inexpensive gift to give, whether it be for a class or for the the kids. I've seen quite a bit of clip art with owl faces and that's where my inspiration came from to create these little guys. I wanted to use BRIGHT color behind the eyes and flowers so I just miss-matched all the colors. The eyes are punched with my CM circle punches. The nose is also a CM punch...the smallest square...and turned sideways(diamond shaped). Once I had all the eyes assembled, it still looked a little plain for me so I added the rhinestone flowers. The cello bags are 3x3 and can be found at any crafting store...these were from my sweet friend Donnak! The 3x3 size holds 4 Dove chocolate snugly. More fun filled owl posts will be up this and owl embellishments. I've made up a few extra sheets that you will be able to pick up in my Etsy shop to create your very own!


Rachel said...

I really like these treat bags! This would be a very cute thing to make for my students around Christmas or at the end of the year. Have you ever made one that looks like a penguin? My kids know I love penguins, and it'd make sense to give them one like that!

Hope said...

How cute are these! Maybe you could even add some know for "back to school" theme! Your right-maybe a "theme" week is just what I need to get back to blogging! Great idea!! You rock!

created by ~donnaK said...

You've got me wanting to do a "theme week" Dawn! I love these lil guys...absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love these! I have seen them several times but LOVE these colors........and YES I have seen them as a penguin.......SO CUTE! I think I'll make them tomorrow!Thanks Dawn!Elizabeth