Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diva Card...

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, BUT, my girlfriend is! My cup would mostly likely have Starbucks Apple Cider in it...because they REALLY do make more than "just" great coffee!
Of course, that cup will have to wait until the weather cools down a bit! I do have my windows open today since there is a nice Fall breeze flowing today...always a good time to air out the house!
Anyhoo, this is the matching card I made for my gf's birthday gift that I posted on Monday. Funny story short, did you know if you start out with a vision of a "cobblestone" walkway, it can also take on a life of its own as a "leopard" print????!!! Totally thru me off after I pulled up my Eclipse tape and found a "not-so-cobblestone" look....sooo, instead of tossing it in the trash I decided to work with my new discovery! I started my using my Copic markers to airbrush the bottom half in tan, than cut out a pattern from the Eclipse tape for my "cobblestones". The Bella image is actually stamped first so I could match up the Eclipse tape just slightly over the table legs! I punched out the brown circles with my CM circle punch, tied on some embroidery thread, then glued (E6000) down the buttons. My favoritepart of this card is ALL about the sentiment! It fits our friendship perfectly...take a little time today to laugh, it's good for ya!


Michelle said...

Girl that card is divalicious!! Say hi to my favorite girls!


Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job, Dawney. I loved my gifts and I love you too! ~DonnaK