Monday, September 14, 2009

Sassy Bag Tag...

Who says you have MORE time when the kids are off to school??!!! I find myself using that "free" time to catch up on all the chores I put off during the All that cleaning is the excuse for not posting regularly! I will be working on a few projects this week, including a new Glue project, so there will be plenty of fun stuff to share soon! This is the packaging I did for the gifts in the previous posts! I love this little number from MFT! It's a mini set, which makes it perfect for making cute bag tags. This would totally rock on a beach bag, or in my gf's case, she used it for her camera bag. This design is pretty straight forward so I will spare ya' the details! I did however, add some stickles to the itty-bitty-bikinis...because these are exactly the type of bikinis "I" wear to the beach...ha!

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Michelle said...

Cute tag girlie! Trying to get things checked off the to do list is crazy huh.. Hope the girls are well.