Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Sweet HOME!

Boy does it feel good not to be living out of suitcases anymore! We finally arrived and settled in N.C. My hubby and I closed on our new house last week and it sure beats living in NYC in an apt. I can actually open my front door and have room to breathe:) On the other hand, we have HUGE yard to mow now...still better than living in apt. in

Things are slowly getting orgaznized and unpacked. Just about all of the boxes have been unpacked and I'm getting my craft mojo back. I will be back to full blogging by Monday!!! Its been soo long since I had regular posts, I couldn't remember my login information! In the meantime, there a few questions that were asked while I was away...if I forget anyone, just drop me another email:)

Aimee: I am wondering where you find all your boxes and such in particular the nugget boxes pictured her and for teacher thank yous. As well as the bigger ones.

Aimee: I use all sorts of boxes, but most come from patterns, they are just easier for me, and if your making them in bulk, its the cheapest way! Here is the link: NUGGET BOXES

I've had many emails about the School paper I've used in several of my can see it HERE! I use this paper from a dear friend, to make a few projects for her thru-out the year. I know some stores will carry this type of custom paper and its made by My LSS back home now carries my alma mater, so just look around, or better yet, contact this company to see if there is a local store in your area that will carry these papers for you:) They make GREAT teacher gifts!

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