Friday, May 23, 2008

Mingmei Munchies!!!!!!

Ok ladies...I've got a few BIG things to celebrate so its time to share some of my favorite goodies with you! First, we've got a BIG move coming up next week...we're moving from NYC to NC and we couldn't be more excited. For those of you who don't know, my husband is AD Marine Corps and our 3 years are up so its time to move...again! This will be move #6 for us...the more you move, the easier it gets I suppose, although its tough leaving my close gf's.

Second, this young whipper snapper has a birthday coming up on the 1st...soo, this is where the catch is(what?? you didn't think I was TOTALLY going to give away these goodies for free did ya??

1. You will have to guess HOW many minutes apart my twin sister and I are...(hint: longer than 1 minute and less than 60 minutes!)

2. How old this whipper snapper is going to be...(be nice, I haven't even started "UP" the hill yet...)

Answer both questions, you DO NOT have to get both correct...if no one gets either number on the exact, I will choose winners closest to my age and birth time:) There are 2 PRIZES up for grab and they include:

1. Wooden tray
2. 5 ID badges
3. 1 Medium clipboard
4. 1 mini-clipboard
5. 1 post-it pad

I will draw 2 winners on Tuesday Morning! When you comment, please leave someway to contact you, either email or thru your webpage address. GOOD LUCK!


Amy said...

Hi...first, I have to say that I just stumbled onto your blog through Splitcoast Stampers, and I LOVE your creativity! Very inspiring...your age is posted on your profile, so I won't guess that, but I will say that you and your twin may be 34 minutes apart??? Also, I am in NC...what area are you moving to?

Laura said...

I'd like to take a guess!!

1. you are 2 1/2 min apart?
2. you will be 29?

I just found you blog a couple of weeks ago and love reading it!! Also, I hope you enjoy NC....I've been there on vacation and LOVE it!! It is beautiful!!

Dawn said...

Amy, I'm moving to Jacksonville...Marine Corps Its right along the coast!

Anonymous said...

O My goodness are we going to have to work for this?????? Will you be a mere 28?????? And how about 8 minutes apart?????? How is your sister doing by the way????? Elizabeth

stampinc said...

Happy Birthday to YOU and your SISTER!
Here are my guesses:
1) 59 seconds
2? 29 cuz this isn't over the hill yet.
Thanks for a chance at this sweet celebration candy.

Christie said...

This is so exciting - I have 5 year old twins!!! Okay, here's my guess

1. You and your twin sister will both be 28 years old.
2. You were born 37 minutes apart?

Anonymous said...

i love your projects. thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

here are my guesses:
1. 10 min
2. 28

happy birthday! mine is the 2nd! :)

Tracy Greven said...

I love your blog and come by here at least weekly if not more often. My guesses are that you will be 28years old and you and your sister are 2 minutes 14 seconds apart.

Anonymous said...

Hi, first time visitor, but won't be my last.
1. I would say that you were 7 minutes apart
2. I will wish you a Happy 28th BD.

I also live in NC but I will be up in the Sand Hills area. I live near Ft Bragg NC. Wishing safe travels.

Kathy (Fayetteville NC)

Elaine said...

I think you are 39 minutes apart and you will be 27

Hope the move isn't too hard on you! I hate moving - too much work!

Amy said...

I am terrible at guessing, but according to your profile, you should be turning 28. Wouldn't it be super fun if you were born 28 minutes apart, too?!? Thanks for sharing the fabulous blog candy!

Alycia said...

I think you two were 19 minutes apart and you are going to be 28 years old!

I love your work BTW!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you both!

Okay-lets see 28 and 3:33 min apart...??

Hope your sister is still doing well! Love your blog!!

Good luck on the move!
Hope J

Anonymous said...

I'll guess you are 27 and 7minutes apart.


strent said...

I know you hear it all the time; but LOVE your site/creativity!!! I was AD Air Force for 12 years, so I understand the PCS all to well. It does get easier!!!

1. I think you and your twin are 28 minutes apart and...

2. you are turning 28 years old!!!

Have a safe move...


Heather said...

Well Hello there Dawn! Fun and exciting times for you right now! Hope all goes well and I'm sure things will settle down in no time. Here are my guesses:

1. I guess that you are both 43 minutes apart. My hubby and his bro are 8 min. apart.
2. I'm going to guess your age to be 28 on your birthday?

Suzanne J Dean said...

I'm guessing your were 10 minutes apart and going to turn 28? Hope your move goes well & you have a wonderful birthday.

Suzanne D

Stampin Cats said...

I'll say 5 minutes apart and I'll say 28.