Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mingmei Munchie's Winners...

Alrighty ladies!!! Lots of good guesses...I'm sure Mom wouldn't be to happy to have us 40 mins. apart I was really surprised that one of you is dead on with BOTH answers:) Here are the winners:

Elizabeth-I'm turning 28 this Sunday:)

CCORBITT- My twinkie and I are 10 mins. apart:)----Please send me your email address!

I'd like to share my sister is doing very well! She is still on anti-serzure medication for after effects, but has since returned back to work as well. I will get up my last post later this afternoon and put a sweet picture up of her:)

Thanks so much for your kind words and playing along!

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Michelle said...

Glad to hear she's well.. We keep you in our prayers as your Marine Journey continues. Blessings and safe trip to the four of you. Say hi to my pal Gracie and give Addy's sweet cheeks a pinch.