Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Wreath Card...

It's a chilly evening here tonight! And with the chill, its got me in the spirit to pull out the Christmas stuff...or at least on cards for now! These cards are from a recent Christmas Card Swap I shared in with a local scrap store. Don't you love those red berry wreaths you see everywhere during the holiday season? I know I do! Although I kept my design fairly simple, I really did want to add this little birdy to the wreath...he's kind of cute dontcha think?I used my copic makers in 2 shades of green for Mr. Birdy and then glossed him over with crystal effects.In the meantime, posting here on the blog has been slow...much slower than I'd like it to be. I do have a few older projects to share and in between a bumpy pregnancy and attempting to get my studio moved downstairs, I'm not getting anywhere quick! After a fainting spell at the grocery store last week(I KNOW how to make a scene now, don't I????!!!) I've been taking it easy and dabbling in crafting when I'm up for it. I really need to get my mojo back as there are so many cute things I'd like to make. For now, I will continue to share what I've got made up and hopefully some new stuff in between!

Happy Crafting!
Dawn ;)


created by ~donnaK said...

I loved this card Dawn. You never fail to amaze me with your attention to detail. Beautiful work. Now, stop all those fainting spells, lady!

Dawn Knapp said...

Adorable cards Dawn! Sorry to hear you are having a bumpy pregnancy, but it will be so worth it. Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Love that wreath....its so delicate! YEs, no more fainting spells, we need baby and mommy to rest!! I can't wait to meet this new niece or nephew :)