Monday, October 31, 2011

Got Goodies???

Happy Halloween!! Just a quick post today as I'm just getting in from lunch with my two favorite goblins and I've got to get their costumes accessorized with winter gear tonight! It's super cold here and we are expecting rain...right.around.trick.or.treating.time! Grrrr! Anyhoo, I took these in today for the girl's classmates. Since I did lots of cute goodies for my oldest, it's only fair to follow tradition with my youngest, Addison. We decided on the milk carton's for her class and I added a simple self-adhesive sticker strip to the sides of the carton. Now, I didn't realize when I started out that they were actually "adhesive", so I wasted quite a bit of Scor-Tape and then had to go back and re-adhere when they starting falling off...let's just blame that on pregnancy brain shall we?! The cartons are super tiny(unlike what I had thought!), but you can really pack a punch with the candies. Inside I stuffed some gummy lifesavers and a few pixie stix before closing them shut with ribbon. Super simple project I'm sure the littles will love! Love those monsters on the right! For my Gracie bug who is 7, we needed something a little "older" in style. I took about 8 pixie stix and wrapped them in a 5 inch cello bag. They are tied off with ribbon and I added a simple "spooky treats" tag.

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created by ~donnaK said...

Spooktacular!!! Love how you did the pixie sticks in the clear cello...looks so festive. I'm sure all the ghouls and goblins loved them! Happy Halloween my friend.