Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Small Gift" Ideas...

Just getting in from a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend spent with my Husband's family in VA. The ride home always seems longer than the drive up! We had an awesome time and the grand kids all love getting together to play. You can see a glimpse of the "wee ones" below:) Before we packed up last week I had a few orders to fill and a special gift to share with a dear friend. My gf's hubby arrived home from Iraq on Thanksgiving Day! So very thankful! She had mentioned they'd be getting away to a B&B for the weekend and I wanted to send a little gift they could share. They are wine enthusiasts, so this gift was pretty easy to put together!
I added the chocolates and used a few PTI sets to put the chocolates together. The tiny star and "hero" stamps are from the Star Prints set. I thought they were fitting, although her hubby would probably shy away from being called a "hero". To keep the chocolates from sliding down, I did use a little sticky tape to keep them down...although I'm sure getting them off was the least of their worries ;).A few more custom gift card holders. I really love these coffee cups! The cups and sentiments are from My Favorite things, but two different sets.Used PTI -Star Prints again! This set really is fun...can be used all year round or festive enough for any holiday!The hills are aliiiiiiiive!! I snapped this pic of the kids walking down the hill. We took family photos this weekend in several locations, but this one had to be my favorite:) I didn't get one pic of my hubby, the kids, and I together, but they photographers did so I will have to wait patiently for those! These are the youngest of the grand kids. The older group is ALL boys and 1 girl...funny how it repeated in opposite direction for the younger ones:) This photo was shot at the Battlefields in Manassas, VA...really beautiful! My two are on the left end:)


Anonymous said...

Loooove the pic of the kids, Dawney...the wine is yummy too, one of my fav brands!!

Isabel Z said...

What a beautiful photo. I just love it.