Monday, November 23, 2009

Sister Notebook...

This truly is a "sister" notebook, not only in the sentiment, but also in the flower as well! My 2 sisters are fabulous at crocheting and I asked my twin sis to make up a few flowers for me. She happily obliged and I have several different sizes to play with! I'm not sure what type of thread/yarn she used, but I love the nice sheen it has...really shines! The middle brad is a vintage type from Memory Makers I believe, but I've had it so long I can't "promise" I have the correct vendor. They are heavy duty though and hold well! What else do you need in life besides sister's and chocolate?!! I used the same DCWV Berry Market paper here as I used a few post down. Lots of fun patterns to choose from in this pack...I can't wait to conjure up some more fun items. In response to an email I received about custom orders thru Etsy...I will NOT be reserving spots on Etsy for custom orders. I'm new to Etsy and I'm happy with how it's set up right now. I will continue to do custom orders, but thru email only. This makes it easier on both myself and the customer. I have uploaded a few items into my store front that I have not posted on, so feel free to browse the new Christmas tags, notebooks, and gc holders are posted.

Thank you,Dawn:)


Michelle said...

Cute cute cute girlie! I may be calling or emailing you to pick your brain about the Relay For Life.. Your stuff is always amazing! You guys sure are one crafty bunch! Hope the twinkies well.. My love to the girls.. Happy Thanksgiving.. I am blessed to be your friend..


texasjodylynn said...

Very pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

Dawney, the thread is nylon...I have cotton too, but I like how the nylon shines a lil too...I tried making a red one last night but couldn't get it to turn out...grrr...hope I haven't lost my touch for flowers...I'm glad you had fun playing with them!
Love you,