Thursday, November 20, 2008

American Cancer Society--Relay for Life...

Yes, there is more to paper-crafting then just making things for family and friends. I don't know if its been pure coincidence or not, but the last few months there is someone close to me that has been stricken with cancer. And a few weeks ago I was reading "The Globe"(that is our local military paper here) and there happened to be a young man featured with his two young girls inside. Well, it wasn't just anybody, but a young man whom I went to HS with back in Oklahoma. He had recently passed away from cancer and there was a tree planting memorial in his honor. Also, for my friends like Mark Fry who have a Mother-in-Law and Sis-in-Law both battling the disease together. Cancer does not just affect its victims, but also their loved ones who are their caregivers. I decided to join my local chapter of Relay For Life here in Onslow County. It's my turn to GIVE BACK!I made a few items to be used for fundraising events. If your interested in the "Cancer is so limited" stamp, you can purchase it HERE! A few yummy chocolate boxes! These were a BIG hit!
Cards for the ladies AND gents...lovin' that polka dot card:)
This was the second batch of chocolate boxes I did! I made them a little simpler for mass production. I'm proud to say ALL 66 boxes SOLD and 25% of the proceeds will be going toward cancer research!!

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