Sunday, December 23, 2012

Polka Dotted Teacher Gifts...

Don't forget the teacher's this holiday season! You may remember last year that I had a few of these made for my girl's teacher's. This year I decided to make them myself due to being overseas and limited resources for these types of cups. I was able to find these little gems at the local exchange and they're approx. 20 oz. or so...can we say LOTS of coffee?! I like to think that chocolate is the 'new black' and it goes with just about any BRIGHT colors...hence the pink and neon green I chose!

Filled with Crystal Lite Lemonade packets!  I added the shredded kraft paper to keep the packets from sliding around.  I didn't photograph the back, but there is a special note slipped in from the girls.  I gave them each the prompt 'I'm thankful for my teacher because...' and I'm so proud that each chose to write their own individual, yet special messages for their teachers.

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