Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glitter...So Much Glitter!

What's a Mom to do for a little girl who's just GOT to have red glitter shoes for her Dorothy costume, yet you KNOW full well you will not find a pair her size?! Well, once again we 'make-do'! We searched high and low for the REAL Dorothy shoes but when I saw my 6 year old prancing around in her Old Navy RED flip flops, I knew I could work some Mommy ingenuity and make good use of that over sized bottle of red Martha Stewart glitter I bought years ago! Yes, YOUR crafty/hoarding side can totally relate to me here, right? We gathered our supplies and headed out on the balcony.
VOILA! The E6000 provided ample and smooth adhesive coverage and the glitter went on smoothly. I did let them dry overnight and washed down the excess glitter in the sink. There were no issues with glitter rubbing off or shedding...SCORE! She ran around all day with these on and they stayed PERFECT!
My posse! This is a daytime party with Daddy's work and boy was it HOT!
There's just something pretty awesome about 'aircraft trick or treating', right? This was such a special treat for the kids and they hopped from plane to plane, and then back again for a second round. These are the planes my hubby started out on when he first joined the MC. They are old REALLY old and these are headed for the scrap yard and being replaced with new, more modern aircraft. Fun and bittersweet day for sure!
Happy Halloween!

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