Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Trippin' Snack Basket...

A very special gift, for a really awesome family! There isn't much that is predictable in life, almost NEVER in the military lifestyle. It is PCS season once again(moving time!) and although we have not had to do this since we left NYC, we said goodbye this morning to great friends who became our family away from family. I suppose after we finally bought our own home, we became comfortable with our surroundings and were in denial that our neighbors would always be the same great folks we met nearly 3 years ago. I'm thankful for the M family...lots of laughs, kindness, and most importantly...a lifelong friendship!Since their trip will take them a week or so to reach their destination, I wanted to put together a snack basket FILLED with lots of goodies. I took into consideration that it could not be made too large, but needed to hold as much as I could get stuffed in there! I knew I couldn't go wrong with this lime green basket that I picked up at Mike's. A neat idea I came up with for gift card holders. I wanted each card to represent the children's personalities! These are very simple to make up. I think I may do a tutorial on the next round I make! Wouldn't this pattern be cute for Christmas gc's to hang on the tree??!On the reverse side, I just flipped up the bottom half and taped down the sides, and slid in the gift cards. There was plenty of room to write a quick message of thanks on the back. I figured with all the stops they had to make along the way, gift cards were a nice and compact gift when the car is FULL of luggage and kids!

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