Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Lady Invites...

...LOTS of little ladies! This was my BIG project over the last few days. Once we decided on a layout and colors, I got to work. The best and most efficient way to do mass production projects for me, is to cut ALL your pieces FIRST! Since I knew I'd be doing many cuts and punches, I spread my workload out over a few days. To keep my strips straight, I just used my CM cutting mat to line everything up. If you don't have a cutting mat, large desk calendars work just as well...basically anything with lines!
Here is the finished invite! I have blocked out some personal info. for privacy.
Here's the whole gang...ALL 75 OF THEM! I just love those little cute!


created by ~donnaK said...

You are such a busy little *lady* get in lady bug! hehe These are so cute and boy you work quickly. I know some mommy to be is going to be tickled with these. said...

Dang, you weren't kidding...that is a lot...very nice and simple though too. I love 'em!

Ingrid Danvers said...'ve been busy. You did a wonderful job! The invites turned out beautiful.